Friday, June 4, 2010

Good Things: Keeping That Chin Up

The purpose of the original good things was bring the good juju and keep a positive frame of mind. Looking forward or reflecting back, keeping sight of what is good makes life better.

This week we are going to look forward to the good things that are coming up this week: three of my favorite people will be spending some time in Davis next week to help celebrate the completion of my teaching credential, a faculty member is going to recommend me for a job/put in a good word for me, and the last of day of school for my favorite little people will be here in no time.

My Supervisor gave me a book of poetry today by Francisco X. Alarcon titled Laughing Tomatoes (Jitomates Risuenos). The boom concludes with the following poem written in both English and Spanish:

Universal Spiral              Espiral universal

there are                          no hay
no endings                      finales

just new                          solo nuevos
beginnings                      principios

And that pretty much sums up good things for this week.

1 comment:

  1. glad that you had a great week.

    i cant wait to catch up next week when things mellow out! and, i want to hear about the "good word" your professor is putting in on your behalf!