Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Year For New Things

Resolving to take 2010 by storm, I have begun to comprise my personal objectives for the year. I realize that I have set the bar for the start of the new decade ridiculously high, and I am pretty sure I will look at this list 12 months from now and laugh my fanny off. However, in an effort towards self improvement, the bar will stay at its unattainable altitude, and we'll just have see how much progress I am motivated to make:

1. Complete a half marathon in 2:00:59 or less. That would be about 26 minutes faster than last year. Ridiculous.

2. Complete a full marathon. Ideally, the Nike Marathon, but I can't put all my eggs in one raffle basket. I'll probably end up dragging myself around Sacramento. Then I can get my one and only tattoo, 26.2, in an undecided location.

3. Get a full time teaching job. Even more ridiculous than the idea of me running for over 4 hours straight, unless the economy bucks up and gets off life support.

Progress towards these objectives should minimize crazy female syndrome over the year. By crazy female syndrome, I obviously mean lack of self esteem and faith in society. My paranoia has me convinced that if I don't become a world class athlete, I'll probably get diabetes and be forced to live my life from the discomfort of a rascal scooter. And if I don't get a job, the credit card companies will repossess everything I own, including my malicious cat. Scooting around town mumbling about my lost cat only contributes to crazy female syndrome.