Sunday, June 27, 2010

12 Weeks=Second Wind!

Did I mention how great my new training program is? Today was the first long run on the new training program. I am shocked what I didn't hear sad sobbing noises coming from the knee area or feel like carpenter ants were chomping away at my ITB. Victory at last!

Now although I have long much more impressive mileage, keep in mind that now I am logging calculated, well planned mileage. I added 16 miles this week for a grand total of 193 training miles since I started training 12 weeks ago. Next week we are definitely going to hit the 200 mile milestone!

The new program is working well for obvious reasons: it is balanced. Each run is different and has a purpose. I am excited that even in my long run I came in under the training time, without trying purposefully to break it. My long run pace is about 11:30/mile, which is a full minute under the training time and only 6 seconds slower than my planned pace time for the marathon! Dedicating some runs to maintaining tempo, others to building speed, and then long runs for endurance is really helping me physically and mentally. I wish I wasn't so stubborn. Then maybe I would have taken this advice when I read all the training stuff 3 months ago, before I was having ITB troubles.I have also been cross training by hiking (5-8 miles a week) and doing lotsa crunches in the AM and PM (I am up to 100 a day!). Using a stability is helping build up my core, and I can feel the benefits when I run. 

I felt like I was in a training rut, and I now I have broken free of it. Next week will be a repeat of this week, except hills will be introduced. Lets see how hot my times are when I have to haul myself over the rolling hills of wine country. Maybe then I will think twice about the Root Beer float special when I am at the grocery store.

I'm looking to do a race in August. I can't decide if I want to do a 5k and see if I can do a new personal best for the mile, a half marathon to test my gusto for the marathon, or a comfy 10k in between. Anyone in Northern California interested? (Bestie, this is directed at you. Let's be real... you are my only reader so even though I make it sound like it is an open invitation to the thousands of locals who faithfully follow my blog, it is really about asking if you want to do another race. I bet you'll set a new personal best for yourself, with your new workout schedule and all!)...are you sold? :)


  1. i read this on my phone yesterday afternoon, while at the grocery store. i was waiting for mike to pick out a turkey or something... i seriously laughed out loud. people looked at me funny.

    maybe, the 5k option. it sparked Mike's attention too. i showed him your blog, so you have two readers now! :)

  2. 5k it is! Next step is to find a date :)

    I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!

    !!!!!! <---- so much excitement the exclamations just keep coming!