Friday, June 11, 2010

Good Things: Pomp and Circumstance

I didn't expect a lot of pomp and circumstance for completing my teaching credential and advancing to the Master's program, but I am glad I got a lot of it. I can't quite pinpoint why it felt good, but it was. I love seeing my family and making them proud, and that was the biggest good thing of the past week. So many gift and well wishes. My students gave a me a copper fire pot they made, and it took a lot to not cry when they gave it to me. It feels good to know I am finally on a career path that is a perfect match.

Next year, school will pretty much be paid for, and I might even get a little money for my pocket to help with bills and rent. I am very excited to get a block grant fellowship as well as a fee waiver for my Master's year.

The final good thing is that I finally have a break to be as lazy or as productive as I want to be. Hopefully I will go get em this week with a multitude of job applications, starting the packing/moving process, and stepping the marathon training up a notch.

As cheesy as this is, I feel peaceful now the academic year has come to a close. More peaceful than I have felt in a very long time. What a good thing :)

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