Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gravy Pooch

Guys make it so hard to get in shape/stay in shape. I need no encouragement when it comes to putting down a Chipotle burrito or a superstar with cheese. At the holidays, my idea of helping clear the table is to sit after everyone has left and keep eating until every serving dish is empty. After holidays with the fam, I usually need to do a gravy detox to wean myself off of the 3 gravy meals a day habit I pick up courtesy of my loving family. It nearly killed me yesterday to order the boring BBQ chicken sandwich at Carls (380 calories, 7 grams of fat) when the BF (not to be confused with the bestie...I don't think she would torture me like this) orders a double bacon western cheeseburger (962 calories, 52 grams of fat). How is it that men just don't store fat like women do? I had burger envy like whoa. At least he shared some of his fries. Way to be a pal....

So, per doctor's orders, I am on low impact cross training until next Monday, when I am allowed to run a whopping 2 miles. This. Is. Killing. Me. I have no idea how runners do even crazier things like water running. So boring. This morning I did 30 on the elliptical and 15 doing arm/back weights. I will say, I am very happy that I don't have to use the Superfeet insoles. They just felt weird.

Also, no more Peppermint Mochas from Starbucks. They really need to stop putting crack in them. And no more impulse buys at the supermarket. How the hell do I come home with Bolani and Afghani spread, crab and brie mac and cheese, and a dark porter stout. No one runs enough to justify that dinner.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Doctor's Orders

It is almost worth it to have my first first running injury because I love it when the doctor refers to me as a marathoner. I had to hold back my giddiness every time he said it, especially since he is a big marathon director and all. So, now that I am an official Marathoner (tee hee), I have to deal with my first real injuries. After a few x-rays, poking, and prodding I got the good news: No stress fractures!!!!!!  After researching my injuries on the internets, of course I self diagnosed my painfully swollen foot and decided my course of treatment before I even set foot in his office. The problem may likely be a combination of my super high arches and my Superfeet inserts, as well as the fact I have a nasty bunion that is putting the joint of my first metatarsal all out of alignment. Thank goodness my doctor and the podiatrist he consulted are both runners. They understand that foot surgery is going to take me out of the race for possibly a year, crushing all my dreams to set new PR's in 2011.

So, the plan is to rest, do low impact training for 2 weeks (he suggested biking), and try a SHORT run to see if I am pain-free. He really emphasized that the key to recovery is patience and not logging log runs before I am all healed. So 2-3 mile runs 3 times a week after my first pain-free run on a rubberized track, minimize running on hard surfaces (i.e. cambered asphalt roads), and then gradual build up a few weeks after that. He says february is going to be too soon to run a half (boo), and that I need to run less races next year unless I want to be on the injured list forever.

So, after much consideration of the doctor's advice, here is the first draft of the 2011-2012 race calendar:

Davis Stampede 10k February 6, 2011

Loop the Lagoon (Vacaville) 5k April 30, 2011

Windsor Half Marathon May 22, 2011

Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon July 17, 2011

American Canyon 10k August 8, 2011

Nike Women's Marathon (SF) October 16, 2011

Walnut Creek Half Marathon December 10, 2011

Bidwell Classic Half Marathon (Chico, CA)  February 4, 2012

Napa Valley Marathon March 4, 2012

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cool Running

Although it technically isn't winter, it is officially "California Winter" because I had to get out the fleece lined leggings for this morning little run through the vineyards. No, California winter is nothing like winter in other parts of the country. And that is one of the many reason I had to move back. Seriously, who likes running in the snow? I sure as heck didn't!

"California winter" just means cool weather running, which isn't that bad besides the added bulk of fleece lined leggings and windbreakers. I hate running in layers. In fact, I hate running with clothes on. If I was a dude, I would run naked, or maybe just with a tiny sling on to hold the little guys in place. As soon as I get my Tahiti body, I plan on running as close to naked as possible. Keep your children at home, folks, Pull the shades, cover their eyes.

Another debut today is the Tahiti diet. Thats right folks, I am going to French Polynesia in June to celebrate my survival as a first year teacher and live my dream of being Ali from the Bachelorette, swimming with the manta rays. Because I want my photos to look like a bangin' Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition photo shoot (see photo right), I have a lot to do in the next 6 months. Luckily, my other goal of setting new PRs for 5k/10k/half/full marathon coincides with my goal to look like a swimsuit model, so I am just goign to run my little heart out in 2011! Except, lets be realistic, I will never look like this chick because I love to eat. I am probably going to buy a bag of cheetos puffs after this blog to reward myself for my run and not buying them last night after drinking a couple beers (the other reason I will never look like her...although at that size, you probably only need one beer to do the trick...hmmmm)

My goal this week is to get a race schedule planned for 2011. I think I want to run 1-2 marathons (if they are close and I can get the dates to work out), 2-3 half marathons, 3-4 10k races and a 5k or two. Ambitious, I know! Is anyone running any races in California? Have any recommendations? I'd like to do some smaller races this year and I am going to try to do most in Northern California but might venture to southern california for a spring break/summer run. So far it looks like SF NWM in October again (this year I am going to run the whole thing... no knee problems!) and the SF Kaiser Half Marathon February 6th. It is time to start whittling away at my times so I can qualify for Boston some time before I die! Give your races, your dates, and maybe we can run together!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Shoes!!!!

Today I picked up my fabulous, beautiful new shoes from overpriced running shoe store. These babies better feel like I am running on clouds, because they set a new bar for money spent on a pair of shoes. Justification: money spent on good shoes is money saved in injury prevention. The man I marry some day better believe that, or I am totally going to be screwed when it comes to buying new shoes! If I ever have to choose between new purse or shoes, I am going to be torn. I still can't believe my coach purse cost less than my Brooks. Yikes.

There is something about new gear that makes you want to get out there and run. If I didn't need an inhaler right now to do any slight physical activity, I would be logging 13 miles instead of whining about bronchitis in my blog. Heck, I can't even get excited or it hurts to breathe. No fun at all. Still, I can't wait to try out my new kicks, and I can't wait to start training for something. I feel so gross since the marathon and feel myself quickly going out of shape. I need to figure out how to get back to a 4 day a week training schedule. Sundays are good for long runs, but running during the week has turned out to be impossible with the time change. Looks like I am going to have to log miles on the treadmill and elliptical. I also tried to get started on P90X but looks like that is going to take a back seat to Reactive Airways Disease (which is apparently what I have in addition to bronchitis). Boo. Oh, how I am looking forward to the holiday breaks so I can resume my morning runs.

Looking forward to the holidays, I am investigating GPS running watch thingies. I want something to track my run and help me log my times and splits, as well as maybe support interval training. I still can't believe how expensive these little suckers are, but I am totally lusting over GPS run devices. Anyone have any input/advice? Right now I am looking into the Garmin Forerunner series, trying to keep the price under $200.

The one good thing about bronchitis? You don't need an excuse to take naps throughout the day. Doing laundry isn't so bad when you take naps between dryer cycles!