Friday, April 30, 2010

Good Things: Friends, Goals, and Positive Attitudes

Today just feels better. Maybe the allergies have called down or I have found a better medication. Good things coming up: Loop the Lagoon 5k with the bestie, 10 miles of marathon training with my team member (maybe we can come up with a team name or even a moto!), my University of Phoenix class is done, and more time with bf now he is a proud city dweller.

I am inspired by the bestie's Friday I am thankful posts. Maybe this will be the first of many Friday "Good Things" posts for me. It might bring some good juju to get in a postitive frame of mind.

Goal for the upcoming week: Happy, Positive Thoughts. Maybe even no complaining (or maybe just less complaining... lol).


  1. I can't lie. The loop was fun. There is another in September. I think I'm going to do it again... Yikes, did i just say that outloud??

  2. I was looking at the times for the loop in our age category. Next time, I am going to place in our age division :)