Friday, April 30, 2010

Good Things: Friends, Goals, and Positive Attitudes

Today just feels better. Maybe the allergies have called down or I have found a better medication. Good things coming up: Loop the Lagoon 5k with the bestie, 10 miles of marathon training with my team member (maybe we can come up with a team name or even a moto!), my University of Phoenix class is done, and more time with bf now he is a proud city dweller.

I am inspired by the bestie's Friday I am thankful posts. Maybe this will be the first of many Friday "Good Things" posts for me. It might bring some good juju to get in a postitive frame of mind.

Goal for the upcoming week: Happy, Positive Thoughts. Maybe even no complaining (or maybe just less complaining... lol).

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Week 3 comes to an end

Week 3 of training has officially come to a close. As I sit here blogging, I have a bag of ice balanced on my left knee and ibuprofen in my tummy. No, it isn't that bad, but this is just a precaution. I don't want week 4 to be a bust.

Looking back, I am really surprised/proud that I was able to hold it together this week to get the miles in that I did. I missed a day of running, and my cross training was weak (no core exercises), but considering it felt like the world was collapsing in on me most of the week and I was fighting a constant war with pollen (the spore count was epic this week), I didn't do half bad. It helped to get the confirmation for the marathon midweek. The pressure is on!

This week I completed a total of 20 miles; two 5 mile runs and a 10 mile long run. I feel like next week's long run can be stepped up to 11 miles, as long as I get all my runs in leading up to it. It feels so good to know that I had the strength to end this week with a bang and meet my long run goal. My total training milage is now up to 66.5 miles!

This week was about self talk and getting out the front door. Last week I needed a lot of self talk on the runs, but this week I needed it before the runs. My new strategy is is to tell myself I am going to run and talk it up so I am mentally committed. I mean really talk it up. Put on my clothes. Get my water bottles filled. And just go.

As I run, I have been playing with the idea of keeping more notes about my training. So many people write books for the bourgeoning marathon market, so why can't I? I am playing with ideas to find a niche that will appeal to publishers. How rad would that be, to publish a book!?!?!?! Good thing long runs give me a lot of time to think about things like this!

We'll end this blog with a gel and chew review (it rhymes! I will make note of that for my book lol). Today was Clif shots strawberry (gag), strawberry Clif shot bloks (tastes better as you eat more of them/need them desperately), and Gu jet blackberry (yum!). Honey stingers cherry blossom still win for best tasting chew, but Gu Jet Blackberry has taken the lead. Finally, a gel that doesn't make me want to yak or curdle in my tummy as I bounce up and down for 2 hours!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I am officially registered to run the 2010 Nike Women's Marathon.

Of course, I am already behind in my training schedule due to a developing sinus infection, but still, I AM STOKED!

Too bad I couldn't run today to celebrate. Hopefully I can get ahead of this cold and put in a good  miles tomorrow.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

10 Miles, brought to you be chaffed thighs and farmer's tan

Week two of training ended with a bang, reaching my 10 mile run milestone. This is the first time I have run this far without being in a half marathon race. My knee didn't act up nearly as bad as expected, but the blisters are back in full force.

Oh, how I am proud of myself!

It feel like I need to hover at 10 miles before I start pushing the long runs any farther. Maybe in 2 weeks I can increase to 11 miles on Sundays. I ran a total of 25 miles this week, reaching a training total of 46.5 miles over the last two weeks. I feel like a rock star! And aside from the blisters and the inner thigh chaffing, marathon training has been just peachy!

On the gel front, I have discovered that clif shots are far superior than powerbar gel. The vanilla probably won't be my favorite flavor, but it was palatable, although it was messy sticky like honey. I am really digging the honey stingers chews to mix it up. I had half a pack at mile 8 and it was nice to give something a chew. I am not sure I fueled enough, but I made it home. We'll have to see how crummy recovery is!

Friday, April 16, 2010


So, It has come to my attention that many people I know, both near to me and acquaintance, will soon be without job and victim of this crummy economy. SO, I want to throw this commune idea out there.

We can all rent out some "rustic" farm house in the country where rent will be cheap, and live off the land. Are you a teacher who can't find a job? Victim of private industry? This is the place for you!

Maybe we can grow beets and sell them at farmer's market. Or raise fire goats. I am going to learn to milk a goat tomorrow, maybe I can be a cheese artisan?

I am totally out of ideas here folks. But it kinda sounds like it might be fun. My lease is up in June, so how about joining in on this whole commune idea?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Week Two: Small Victories

Today reminded me that I don't always need my ipod to run. In fact, I actually need to shut it off so I can clear my mind. Sometimes I need to the rhythm of my shoes hitting the pavement to ease my soul.

This day was a whirlwind of emotions that nearly swept me away. So much of running is self-talk: that voice in your head that drives you forward and keeps you in control. Tonight's run was my way of regaining control and restoring balance. Normally on a day like this, I come home, eat a high carb meal, and curl up in bed to sleep my anxieties away. Instead, I ran, and every step reminded me that I am in control because I didn't let the day overtake me. With every step I took, I reminded myself that it was proof that I was in control.

No lies: today's run was awful, but I did my 5 miles and cut off a minute or so. I felt like I was going to throw up and pass out. I have a huge blister and my knee is killing me. It wasn't some race to personal freedom and now I and humming some happy tune. I still feel overwhelmed by the day. But, at least I have this small victory that I didn't let it get in the way of my training. Don't they say it is the small victories that make all the difference? Maybe I really am cut out for this marathon stuff after all...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Week One

Today is the official end of week one of marathon training. I have new shoes, new socks, new hydration belt, new books on marathon training and an array of energy gels and chews I will be testing out over the next few weeks. I also managed to log 21.5 miles this week. Not too bad!

The hardest part is getting out to run. I know once I hit play on the ipod and start running, I am there. But setting an alarm to get up early to run absolutely sucks. So does getting dressed when the apartment is cold. I can't wait until I can just get up with ease! The first mile is tough too. My body gets really tight and tries to fight me on this whole running thing. Once I stop and stretch after mile 1, it usually gives in. And around mile 4 it really starts to open up. By mile 5 I feel like I can run forever!

The big run for this week was 8 miles today, and will be a good starting point for building higher milage on the weekends. I am bummed by nike+ isn't working, but I am finding that just having the music going and just running until I make it home is making me a better runner. I am not constantly checking the ipod to see how far I ran or what my pace is. I am just running, and it feels amazing.

The plan for this week is a 5 mile run on Monday, 6 miles on Wednesday and Friday, and 9 miles on Sunday fora total weekly mileage of 26 miles. I want to cross-train on Thursday... maybe some laps in the pool and some weights? An if I am feeling really good, I might bump up the Friday mileage to 8 miles.

Overall, I am off to a great start. I have my goofy belt to hold my water bottles and my gels but it is all worth it because I get a giant glass of chocolate milk when I get home. This is essential for muscle recovery! It really beats the awful energy gels, that work great but taste like someone is trying to show nasty vitamins down your throat to incite your gag reflex. Power Gels are official done, they are way too gross. Next to experiment with the Gu and Clif Shots.

Now I just have to recruit more people to join my race team... registration ends Friday!