Saturday, January 15, 2011

This weeks workouts: 
Sunday: Treadmill 3 miles/30 min (10/mi), Elliptical 30 min, Upper Body Weights
Monday: Treadmill 2 miles/25 min (12:30/mi), Upper body Weights
Saturday: Treadmill 4 miles/43 min (10:45/mi), Upper Body Weights
 Total Mileage for the new year: 9 miles.

The first week back is crazy: parents mad about report card grades, gearing up for spring testing madness (exit exams, CST, district benchmarks). I am dreaming about properties of exponents. Although the fitness kinda fell apart in the middle of the week because of headaches and JF's company banquet (I won a case of wine!), I feel it is a good start. With the three day weekend, I should get some good runs in, maybe even my first long run since the injury.

Every time I go to the little gym, I never know what I am going to get. Today there was a guy who was spewing sweat... like puddles, over all the equipment. There was a huge wet spot on the carpet in front of each weight machine, like someone had peed. Even though he had a towel, he was still soaking the place. And, of course, the hand sanitizer and towel dispenser were both empty. So gross. I turned my music way up so I didn't have to hear him grunt. That might have just sent me over the edge.

Being from California, I am entitled to complain when the temperature drops below 60. Which means this week I complained ALOT. Monday morning it was 35 degrees in my classroom. Seriously. The cold is keeping me inside on the treadmill because I am too big of baby to run in the cold. I just don't know how people in the rest of the country do it. it has me wondering if I am really cut out for Northern California. I hear it is really nice in San Diego right now....

This week I plan to up the mileage and increase pace on the treadmill, logging at least 12 miles and running more miles at faster paces. Today I ran my last half mile at 9:00/mi pace, which felt FANTASTIC. I'll also keep up the upper body weights and add in some work on the balance ball. I think it is going to be a good week :)

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