Monday, January 17, 2011

I want to be fast

Reading other blogs is motivating. You read other people's accomplishments, their awesome PR's and hear about all the struggles it took to get there. Marathons become human feats, not just milestones reserved for the super elite. I am pretty sure I wouldn't be the runner I am today if I never stumbled upon other runner's blogs. The virtual running community keeps me going.

This blog in particular makes me want to be fast. New PR and sub 8:00 miles, I am so impressed. Can I be this some day? I sure hope so. I know I need to get out more and make work less of a priority, but as long as school is in session, I find it hard to tear myself away. But today is MLK day, a school holiday, so I gotta get out and log some miles!

One big mileage logger is going to be a goal I forgot to post: run to the top of Atlas Peak. 23.2 miles round trip, 2200 ft elevation gain. Last summer I made it half way up to about 1,000 ft for a 14 mile run. Going back to read that post, the endorphin rush I got from pushing myself that far was an out of this world experience. I had never been so proud of myself. It is my biggest non-race accomplishment as a runner. It was so difficult and took so much discipline to keep myself going, but everything felt right. I realized that ever since I let running take a back seat, I've had less and less of these moments of clarity and balance when everything in life just feels right. I'm loving the map feature on Map my Run, which shows elevation gain and percent incline per half mile. It really puts this beast into perspective. It is going to make my next marathon super fast. I am going to be super fast. Yay!

Off to put in 6 miles and conjure up a gear review of my new marathoner socks.

Don't stop running!

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  1. Ive read all your blogs and was very impressed by your accomplishments and extremely motivated to accomplish something in my own life. My kids are older now and almost all in school, so i have no excuse to get my butt moving.