Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dreadmill, I am taking you down

Time is slipping away in a black hole today, I tell ya. Late night at work so another round on the treadmill that went amazingly well, despite the initial nausea from eating truffles as I walked over to the gym. I decided to do my speed intervals on the treadmill since it was dark outside, and it made the time fly! I did 3 miles and then some upper body weights, and broke the intervals down like so (1 lap=quarter mile):
Lap 1: Walk warm-up
Lap 2: Jog (5 mph)
Lap 3: Faster Jog (6 mph) (Wanting to barf up Truffles)
Lap 4: Jog (5 mph) (Still wanting to up chuck expensive chocolate)
Lap 5: Run (6.5 mph) )Ok...stomache pains are passing)
Lap 6: Jog (5 mph)
Lap 7: Run (6.5 mph) (I was scared of getting tired. What a baby I am)
Lap 8: Jog (5 mph)
Lap 9: Run (7 mph) (Less scared)
Lap 10: Jog (5 mph)
Lap 11: Run (7 mph) (Realized it wasn't scary at all)
Lap 12: Jog (5 mph)
Lap 13: Run (8 mph) (Getting ballsy!)
Lap 14: Jog/Cool Down (exhausted)

Pretty much the best treadmill workout. Ever. Although, I am starting to question the brilliance of eating chocolates on the way to the gym for energy. What is a girl to do when Godiva doesn't make energy bars? Don't say chocolate Clif-shots or other gels. NASTY!!!!!!! It simply isn't the same. Perhaps I have a sugar dependancy? (Godiva, are you reading this? Make me an energy bar! Stop sending my boyfriend crates of chocolates! I can only run so far!)

Have you had any good treadmill workouts? How do you make the great indoors work for you? Have you ever seen a Godiva energy bar?

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  1. LOL Love it! I had some chocolate with my breakfast this morning, just because it sounded so good!