Monday, January 17, 2011

Socks! Socks! Socks!

Not to be confused with shots, of course. Todays workout: 6 miles in 1:03:33, with a best pace of 7:43 and average pace of 10:36. Not too shabby for beginning of training!

Today I looked ridiculous. My running clothes don't fit because I packed a few on since the marathon, so I looked like and overstuffed sausage. Add a hydration belt (very cool) and a garmin (the big, even cooler one) and an iPod, and you bet people were lining up to be my friend/running buddy. No wonder I run alone. Not sure if getting dressed to run and discovering nothing fits motivates me to get out of discourages me because I look like a fool. Let's hope I tighten up quick before I make up my mind on this one!

So, as promised, I wanted to give a review of my new Thorlo Experia socks. My mom got me a few pairs for Christmas, and I am already in love. Before I was running in Zulu socks, which the overpriced running store peeps said would reduce my blisters at the best value. And they were right. But they didn't hold up for long, lost their elasticity, and now they do nothing for me.

These fancy pants socks are padded in all the right places (toe, heel, back of foot) have a snug fit on the arch, stay in place, and breathe really nicely. I have them in pink and blue, but they come in a ton of different colors. They are not too bulky and make your feet super happy. They are considerably more expensive than my Zulu's, but since they were a gift I am not going to think much about the fact my mom probably spent around $14.00 a pair. I hope they were on sale. I am following the instructions to wash inside out to keep the padding fluffy and use fabric softener to lubricate the fibers so they last longer (who knew?). Oh, and they are some official sock of Runner's World (or so the package says) if that means anything to you (which it probably doesn't).

If you are looking for new socks and take your socks very seriously, I would highly recommend these! (Maybe they will send me a free pair, lol).

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