Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A lil' bit o speed training

Home before the sun went down, a very rare occurrence, so I headed outside for a run. And because I want to be faster, I decided to do a little out and back on the short river trail by my place. It is 1.2 miles, which I like because I can shoot for mile times and trick myself into be faster because I am running a little farther than I let myself realize ( I am really good at tricking myself). So, 11 minutes out, which wasn't bad because most of my paces have been in the high 10:00/ low 11:00. But, since it was 1.2 miles, it was actually a 9:12 minute pace. Yay! For an extra challenge, I worked on beating my time on the way back. Made it back to the start in 10:40 seconds,  setting the new pace at 8:28/mi. Needless to say, I am super stoked. I also stopped and did some upper body weights after I checked the mail. Sir Grunts-A-Lot was there. I know he knows how ridiculous he sounds because he wears headphones to tune himself out. I checked the seat of the machine to make sure he didn't push one out with ll the heaving and huffing. Nasty. At least this guy I work with was there on the bike so we can laugh about this before school tomorrow. Gotta love community gyms.

I can already feel the positive effects of the new schedule. We are eating better proprotioned meals at home more often. Clothes are already fitting better. The scale had gone down almost double digits in the past 20 days. I have more energy and feel so much better, despite the fact I am sleeping poorly due to the math nightmares I am having every night. It really messes with your head to be consumed by your students' failures in your dreams and then to have your dreams come reality the next day at work. I have to stop grading papers and preparing lesson plans right before I go to sleep, or else I am seriously going to loose my mind. If you can't escape work in your dreams, then how do you escape?

142 days until we leave for Tahiti...

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