Monday, July 12, 2010

Week 14 Training update

first of all, 14 weeks! This might be the longest amount of time I have ever stuck with an activity outside of schooling (polishes gold star). The new training schedule has not lost it's promise, although I am mighty sore from my 9 mile long run. I hope my hip/knee is only normal sore and not problematic sore. The hills out here are amazing for training. I hope Napa has great hills as well so I am prepare for San Francisco. My short runs are getting faster, and my long runs are maintaing, which is great considering the inclines I have been tackling.

New totals: 222 total training miles, with 18 miles added this week. I am not a huge fan of speed training on the track, but I am a fan of consistent 9 minute miles on flats. This next week will be the last week on the 2 bottle hydration belt; hotter mornings and increased mileage means the ultra geeky big bertha hydration station is now in charge.

Lessons learned this week: sunburns make running miserable. Especially when you have a hydration belt bouncing all over your red hot mess of a back. Big hills don't get smaller, but your ability to tackle them does get bigger over time. But it still sucks those last 100 feet of incline before you reach the top.

I might miss my short run this week, but I should be right on track for a tempo run at a quicker speed and adding a mile to the long run (double digits!)

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