Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hot Bliggity Blog!

So, time to refresh the blog with a new background. Whaddya think? I am looking for something that is fresh but not too feminine, clean looking so people won't know how amateur I am, and free. I am kinda feeling the new look but wanna know how everyone else feels about it as well. Yes, I value your opinion. Isn't that touching? :)

I have been really chewing over this idea of "blasting" my blog on Facebook to let people know I have a blog. Actually, I have been thinking more about why the thought of having friends/family/frienemies reading my blog regularly seriously freaks me out and how that might change how I write and what I write. There is a lot of safety in anonymity. Am I just over thinking this? Is it bad that I don't want my mom to know I have a blog? (I am pretty sure she would freak out).

As I try to shape my blog and decide what personality I want it to take, I really have to evaluate why I started it, as well as what I want it to be become. Is this my personal training log for marathoning, where people can cheer me on and keep me accountable? Is this a place for random thoughts/ramblings and celebrating the good things in life? Can it be both? I follow some pretty funny blogs, and I love what they offer readers and their writers. Could I ever be one of those?

I need to kick my butt into gear and get back into training mode. No one wants to read a running blog written by someone who doesn't run. I especially don't want to write a blog where I am constantly making excuses about what I am NOT doing. But I feel even a stronger need to create a vision for my blogging. A big drive to blog was to become a better writer. I feel that creating some structure might help.

Any thoughts?


  1. Hey there! Thanks for the blog comment!! Motivation is a funny thing. I think runners tend to be over-achievers in general. Right now I'm letting the fear of not PRing motivate me. And the memory of how hard the last 4 miles of my last marathon were, hoping I can make it better this time around.

  2. Since I am on summer break, my blog doesn't have much structure because I am out of my routine...everything is just on random...but I generally try to have some structure in my posts....I try to post every day with a couple of regular featured topics like 'style' or whatever.

    I only force myself to write when I am feeling truly creative. The rest of the time I post about pictures, links, other stuff I like. My blog has evolved over time. I ONLY share a link on Facebook if I feel like my post is funny, thoughtful and smartly written (only the ones I am proud to share)...and my friends still talk about some of my best posts, even months is a great feeling...My best posts are the ones that have the most honesty, the greatest lessons learned.

    Don't feel overwhelmed about what direction your blog should go in....just do whatever feels natural...even if a few weeks go by with no posts, don't apologize, we all have lives...your followers will still be here. ;-)

  3. Joanna, I used to motivated by the prospect of the final miles of the marathon... perhaps I have grown numb and I am in a slump? Maybe I need someone to scare me back into my routine with first time marathon horror stories! Anyways, today the weather is cool and overcast, no reason not to go for a run :)

    PR's are so energizing. I need to get some race times under my belt so I can be motivated to set new PR's :)

  4. you are DEF one of those funny people. i love how you write about your life... and running too.

    i like to pretend that i can relate to runners knee's. :)

  5. thanks Raquel. You have no idea how much i miss you. I am so happy that I am not going to be too far away from one of my favorite people on the face of the earth!