Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Here are some highlights from the winery, for your amusement. More running updates later this week as I get back on the bandwagon :) 

Older lady comes in to buy a glass of wine on live music night. Asks for the cheapest glass, I list the bottom 3. She goes for the pinot. Keep in mind she has a wine list with tasting notes in front of her. I pour the glass of Pinot Grigio (the only pinot we serve), slide it across the bar. She slides it back, and with 100% attitude, says "Sweetheart. Pinot is a red wine". She also thought the music was too loud.

Guys at bar: Come to Vegas with us. We'll comp everything: room, drinks, shows.
Me: Vegas huh? I've always wanted to go. My bestie goes all the time.
Guys at bar: Then come. We are going to invite 10 of our guy friends. It is going to be great.
Me: Am I going to have a sign a video release for this? I'm not sure I am that kinda girl.

Old man at table: Your shirt is sparkly. Reminds me of a go go dancer I picked up off the side of the road in the 60's. I think you are doing a little better than she was. You are working inside, after all.
Me: (Laughing nervously) Oh, I had a feeling you were going to say something like that.
Old Man: I'm 74. Stop bending over, my wife is here and I can't handle the excitement. 

This will be my last week behind the bar before I pack up and move out. Hopefully my students will give me clever but less sexual things to post in my blog. I am sure this week there will be more love from the patrons to share here.

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