Thursday, July 22, 2010

Good Things are coming this way!

Did I mention that life is overflowing with good things? Is it becoming annoying that I brag about them nearly every week? No? GOOD :)

So, kinda a big thing, and I am pretty sure it is a good thing. 2 people, complete strangers, stumbled upon my blog and were compelled enough to leave a comment, one even bold enough to FOLLOW me. Must be a runner, only a runner could appreciate most of my boring posts about how far I ran, what nasty gels I slurped down, and how my knee still hurts. Most people would just say, "Thats what you get for running XX miles. Stop racing around like a crazy person and your knee will be just fine." I'm sure that's what the bestie thinks every time she reads a marathon training update, lol. How loyal she is. Now I can stop following my own blog because I have more than one person following it. YAY! Some people, I won't name names (Matt) think I should give the blog a good ol' Facebook blast. SCARY!!!!!!! Strangers are cool, but people I know talking about how my blog tries to be witty but falls desperately short? TERRIFYING!!!!! More on this in a later post...

Back to things that are good. Luau this weekend!!!!!! I am painting giant cardboard tiki statues, butchering everything about the Hawaiian culture in order to have a fun and festive three way birthday party (sorry Bestie!). Not bad for a mainlander, and if they turn out respectable (in my eyes), I might post brag pictures. They stand 3 feet tall. We bought all sorts of kitschy deco to create ambiance. It is going to be fantastic. I am VERY excited!

Last good thing to point out? I got to spend quality time with my nephew. Little dude loves to swim, and loves teething on the side of the spa even more (it's flagstone, btw). I'm sure I gave him back to his mom with chipped teeth, but they are only baby teeth, and he barely has two, so I am sure they will grow back. I still can't get over the goofy smile that comes across his face after he breaks wind. Just like his daddy. Equally as smelly and gross. How does such a small creature make so toxic a scent? Dogs do it just as bad. What the heck?


  1. No, she didn't make up the 'Ego' post. Sadly, it was I that initiated that rather spectacular run of support (and abuse towards 'moi').

    I don't run any more , although in my Army days I used to do about 10 to 14 miles a day.

    Enjoy your Luau!

  2. i am super jealous of all your blog followers! what's your secret?!

  3. I know she didn't make it up :) I also know you had no intention of malice.

    I guess my humor was lost on people as well. It is the risk you run when you make attempts at being witty ;)

  4. Raquel, I seriously have no idea. No clue how they found me or why they keep coming back, lol. I'm pretty much a blog celebrity now ;)

  5. when are you moving to napa? if i can, i'd like to help you.