Thursday, July 29, 2010

Running bits of Wisdom

I recently subscribed to Runner's World quote of the day email service so I could have a daily kick in the butt to get my feet pounding the pavement. While I haven't been running as much I should be, some real gems have shown up in my email. Thought I would share today's quote with you:

It's not like somebody else can run a marathon for you. It's all you out there. Finishing means you can say, "There's not a lot I can't do." 

It really captured why I set out for a Marathon. When I volunteered to work the Boston Marathon, I did it for the sweet free jacket and to experience a slice of local culture. I walked away knowing I would some day run a marathon. I never knew it would be so soon! I chose to run after this goal because I wanted to have an accomplishment that was personal, that was all me. I wanted to prove to myself how capable I am. I have been letting myself down in training, but it isn't too late to step back up to the plate and give it my best so I can claim 26.2 in October. For those of you who struggle to understand why people run such great lengths, this quote captures it all.

Another blogger left me a message saying, "I think runners tend to be over-achievers in general. " She is SO RIGHT!


  1. Thanks for the shout out!! And the inspiration :)

  2. i think we should have a big ol' celebration after you and Denise finish the marathon in october.

  3. yes, I believe much celebrating will be in order! You should swing on over to golden gate park on race day to inspire us to make it to the finish :)

  4. yessss! post marathon party is in order!! i am excited for you, i know that you will do it!!

  5. I love that quote! We can do anything!

    I just posted another quote I love to my blog.