Sunday, May 9, 2010

Week 5 of training?

Not quite sure if we can call it week five considering I did not run AT ALL this week. Shame on me!

After a week full of bad decisions, tummy aches, and travel, running just did not fit in and I am ASHAMED!!!! I am supposed to be a hardcore runner, what is going on here????

Next week we are going to step it up and resume the training schedule. Run 6 miles Monday, Tuesday, crosstrain Wednesday, rest Thursday and Friday (Field Trip), Run 5 Saturday and 11 Sunday. Thats 28 miles better than this week. Then it will be time to start running half marathons on the weekends. Oh joy!

I did get my case of Jet Blackberry Gu and my 4 bottle hydration belt from REI this weekend, so there is not reason not to step it up a notch. Marathon vacation days have come to an end!!!

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