Sunday, May 30, 2010

Marathon Training Recap: Month 2

The second month of marathon training has come to a close. Although my total mileage for the month is lower than the first month of training (I am a slacker, I know), some important milestones have been met, continuing to make marathon training a success. Today was the half marathon distance milestone, with a time that was less than 5 minutes from my personal best. 52.65 miles this month, for a total of 149.15 miles since I started training. That is roughly the distance from Davis, CA to Reno, NV. I wonder how long it will take me to run across the country :) So, looking back on my training, here are some revelations I have picked up along the way:

  • A running partner is crucial, even when you think you run best as a lone wolf. You need a wolf pack, even if it is just a wolfpack of two. That person makes the time go by faster and pushes you to acheive new personal bests. And it is safer.
  • Refueling is critical. I haven't figured out the perfect balance, but nothing is worse than feeling like crap for days after a long run. Gels every 45 minutes, light carbs and water before, and plenty of protein and carbs after for recovery. Each run I am getting closer to finding the perfect balance. Maybe next month I will!
  • Don't leave out the cross-training! I am finally starting to get back into cross training, strengthening my legs and core, as well as working on speed intervals. My sprints are pitiful, but with practice, I think they will help my improve my time.
My goal for the month was to cut my 6 mile time down to 1 hour, which was not realistic, seeing as I am running 11 minute miles at best. I did run 10:30 miles on a 5 mile run, and ran a better pace of 11:30 during my long run, so it hopeful that I will eventually get my 6 mile time below an hour. I was also going to eat less sugars. I did, kinda. No more hot fudge sundaes! I have lost between 1 and 2 pounds this month, and it is about time. 

Next month's goals: long runs of 15 miles by the end of June, 6 mile runs with 10:30 miles. More miles as well: 4 times a week, with at least 25 miles a week. At least one week with 30 miles. I'll leave you now with images of baby turkeys. I saw like a hundred of this this morning on my run!


  1. i am so happy that you are no longer a wolf pack of one! Lets throw a big party when you have run "across America"?

  2. YES!!! That is such a good idea.

    btw, that will be in like 8 years if I keep running 30 miles a month, lol.