Friday, May 7, 2010

This week was full of good things. First, I still have my laptop, even though I definitely should have lost it, along with other valuables. Thank you electronics gods for looking out for me. I only had to sacrifice an old cell phone to project the super valuable stuff ;).

Impromptu Cinco de Mayo celebrations when night classes are cancelled an hour before they begin are also VERY good things, even if the next day is not very good at all. When you need to let loose, you need to let loose! The best thing was coming home and having a darling gentleman to take care of me. Love love love.

Finally, being with family on Dia de las Madres. It is nice when the best gift you can give is yourself, and that isn't just you being cheap (gas is seriously creeping up there, and Temecula is NOT close!).

Life is full of good things. I am so glad the bestie has inspired me to blog about them weekly. I think is helps to keep a person grounded when she remind herself how rich the soil truly is.

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  1. aw, happy to hear all the GOOD things in your life. have fun at home and see you soon! xoxox.