Friday, May 28, 2010

Good Things!

Among the good things I have got going for me this week, I am going to count my near finish with my teaching credential. Only two more class meetings, one paper and two PowerPoints to freedom. It is going to be sweet.

My research project/intervention in the classroom had been a great thing. The kids are GREAT, I finish the last stage of the intervention this morning, and I am going to treat them to in-n-out burger for lunch. I don't know if I have loved anything as much as I love being a teacher. True story.

The good thing I will end this week on is how sore my body is from strength and speed training for the marathon. It hurts so good. I think my abs might be coming out of hibernation so, but more on that when we do the 2 month training reflection (my abs have been so shy their whole life, never coming out of hiding, I don't want to scare them away).

25 has be been the year of reflection and growing. Sometimes I feel like I am going through adolescence part II, which is less than thrilling. I believe that with every birthday, you should be able to look back and know your have become better with age. 25 has not been my favorite year by far, but I will say I think I am aging OK. 24 was such a great year, it has been a rough act to follow.


  1. adolescence part II, i really like that.

    And, lets go somewhere while we are 25. i think that will take this year from good to great. whattya say?

  2. that is a fine idea. I just need the funds to get there by the end of summer :/

    But, if we are creative, we can make it happen.