Thursday, May 20, 2010

Good Things: Early Edition

Since it is almost Friday, and since Friday will probably pass me by in whirlwind, I think it is best to throw out some good things I have got going for me. Today is one of those day where I really need to list good things to keep me on track.

It is such a good thing to have good friends. Especially friends that help you get back into training. It was so good today to have the Bestie tell me I needed to get out and run instead of have a meltdown. She is so wise. She is such a good motivator, she should be trainer. Seriously. She has a magic connection. I wish she was running the marathon with me.

It is also good to have friends who don't mind meltdowns, check in on you after you have had one, talk you through one, and try to get you to realize that you are not the only one having them. Without some of the ladies in my cohort, I would be an utter mess. I am so glad one of them will be there with me when we both complete our first marathon. Friends are fabulous.

The final good thing is that I passed my PACT with remarkable scores. I am so proud of the work I did and it feels so good to be recognized with high marks. That, my long walk through downtown, and carbfest at the hot foods bar at the coop got me through the afternoon (the mac and cheese is heavenly).

Now to celebrate the good things other people have going for them: Master's degree graduation!

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  1. woohoo for passing the pact!!

    and, i am still jealous that you got a cookie yesterday! yuuuum.