Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hard Corps!

So, I talked to mi madre a day after I told her about the 13.1 heartbreak ridge race. She thinks I am crazy.
Race website course description (no map or elevation profile available):  13.1-mile course, 90% gravel off-road through the breathtaking rolling hills of Camp Pendleton in the 43 area. Course is on packed fire-roads.  This course offers a little bit of everything - it’s an out and back course, including rolling hills and some flat and fast stretches intermixed throughout. 
Not so scary sounding, right?  Maybe a little challenging, but no western states endurance challege.

Mom's description (has a vague idea of where it takes place, more than I do at least): I talked to a guy I work with who does triathlons and ironmans. He was talking about that race. There is a reason they call it heartbreak. Marines train there. It is not going to be easy (imagine it a tone of intimidation).

My response:  It's only a half marathon so it can't be as difficult as a full marathon. Boston had a hill called "heartbreak" hill, so if I could do that, I should be ok.

Mom's response: But that was a hill. This is heartbreak ridge.
(awkward pause)

My response: you are saying I probably won't PR?
(awkward pause)

Mom's response: Well, I'll be there to cheer you on anyway. Maybe after we can go down to the beach and I can lay you out on a stretcher next to me while I lay out. First we can put you in the water and see what you attract. Go shark fishing.

My response: You need to have a fishing license for that.

I am so lucky to have family that supports me in my running endeavors, even though they don't really fully understand why anyone would want to be a distance runner. And knowing my mom, she was probably using some reverse psychology on me to make me train harder so I do PR at the race. She knows how competitive I am, and knows that anytime someone doubts my ability to do something it pretty much guarantees that I will get the job done. After all, if people hadn't expressed doubt about my ability to run a marathon, I probably never would have stepped up to the plate and got it done. Call it the Type A in me, but I am a goal/challenge oriented person who has a controlling desire to prove that I can do anything.
...and then I found this race picture. Maybe mom is on to something...
So, gotta train harder to make sure I PR on this breathtaking hilly/flat course that I now have a reason to be very afraid of. Good thing my new training ground is crazy hilly!


  1. I sympathize with a mother who is both your biggest detractor and a naysayer as well. My mom goes to lots of my races, including several marathons. But after the Seattle R 'n' R half, she asked, are you going to take a break now? I freaked out a little because I am just starting Portland Marathon training and have a lot scheduled for summer, plus my running is going really well right now! I felt like she was complaining about the time my running events consume. (i am a little sensitve about that.) Later she explained she just didn't want me to run myself into the ground (which I am not!). But shecwas happy I said that I liked running, and wasn't just doing it because I felt I had to.

  2. Mom just gives it to you real, no sugar coating. She isn't a naysayer, but more like an honest friend who keeps you accountable. I have had friends/ boyfriends tell me I could never complete a marathon. Mom never says never, but she does expect you to have a damn good plan to back it up! I like to think it is all in effort to help keep me from failure. She is one of the few people that never doubts my full potential. She is so proud of mu accomplishments and always supports me when i want to set a new goal. And I have a feeling she is going to be right about the difficulty of this race!