Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Bucket List

I mentioned a while back that I was working on a bucket list. Now that I have it rounded off to an even 55, I am happy to post it and hear if anyone has any tips for completing any of this list. I was originally shooting for a number more glorious, like 101, but nearly 8 moths have gone by and 55 was the best I could do. Let's just consider it a work in progress? Some are much easier (and cheaper) than others. I hope to get the first 55 done by the time I am 55, although I hope I continue to add a ton more to the list and make it impossible to get everything done before then. Life is short, so I better hop to it! Bold italic items have been completed.

55 by 55

1.         See Dave Matthews Band in Concert
2.         Go on Wheel of Fortune
3.         Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
4.         Ride in A Helicopter
5.         Hike the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim
6.         Hike the Narrows in Zion National Park
7.         Visit Acadia National Park
8.         See icebergs and glaciers
9.         Complete a through hike (PCT or AMT?)
10.      Backpack to Machu Picchu
11.      Learn to trail run
12.      Complete the Dipsea
13.      Complete a Triathlon
14.      Complete an Ultra Marathon
15.      Complete the Boston Marathon
16.      Run a half marathon under 2 hours
17.      Run a marathon in 3 hours 30 minutes
18.      Learn to kiteboard
19.      Learn to surf
20.      Learn to windsurf
21.      Go whitewater kayaking
22.      Go Canyoneering
23.      Do a zipline through the jungle
24.      Get 6 pack abs to rock a bikini in
25.      Travel to Costa Rica
26.      Travel to Morrocco
27.      Travel to Thailand
28.      Travel to Tahiti
29.      Travel to Hong Kong
30.      Travel to Japan
31.      Go on a cruise
32.      Go on a trip outside the country, just Mom & I
33.      Visit all 50 states
34.      Learn a second language
35.      Obtain a Master’s Degree
36.      Teach Elementary School
37.      Become a certified Sommelier
38.      Volunteer to teach adult literacy
39.      Get published in a scholarly journal
40.      Donate blood on a regular basis
41.      Be married to the love of my life
42.      Give Birth
43.      Own a small ranch
44.      Have a gourmet Kitchen
45.      Cultivate a large vegetable garden
46.      Learn to compost
47.      Own a goat.
48.      Own chickens.
49.      Learn how to fish.
50.      Make Turducken
51.      Make homemade cheese
52.      Make my own wine, from vine to bottle
53.      Knit a blanket
54.      Win an award for something at the fair, like crafts or photography.
55.      Be completely debt free


  1. Gosh are we sisters or something? Many of your bucket list points are mine as well. The same countries to visit, to make wine, Be debt free, become a sommelier, make cheese...

    Make a turducken for thanksgiving this year. I've found them mixed with the frozen turkeys during the holidays in the supermarkets.

    When you find mr right, he can take you hot air ballooning and knock a few other items off your list :)

    I'm sure you will achieve all of those 55 sooner than later.

    Best of luck to you girl!

  2. We'd probably make good roommates! Who knows, maybe we will be able to knock another one of the list together? :)

  3. Yes definitely! I'd love to run a race with you again and get you to your sub 2:00 goal! Let's find a half to do next year.

  4. Maybe I'll even get fast enough to actually run with you!

  5. i can help you out with two of those... i discovered while i was here that i would like to learn how to whitewater kayak (maybe even get certified) and... thailand 2012??

  6. I am very serious about Thailand and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to travel with you. I am also excited that you want to whitewater kayak... it looks so thrilling!