Thursday, April 21, 2011

Not missing a beat...

Cross Train 30 min Elliptical 

It took about 2 days for the race endorphins to kick in. Or maybe it took 2 days for the pain to wear off enough to feel the endorphins. Either way, I am definitely ready for my next race and ready to take my training to the next level.

After reading Xaarlin's (Pain is Nothing) tweets, I decided to follow her lead and get back into marathon shape by jumping on the elliptical. The BF thinks I am insane for working out so quickly after the marathon, but it felt SO GOOD. My hips aren't quite back to normal, but my back already feels better, as do my knees. I think a good shake out is exactly what I needed. You could have never convinced me that working out when sore could make you feel better, but now I am a believer.

So, here is the moment of insanity. While at the expo in Boston, I stopped by the Big Sur International Marathon table, and they told me they had some spots they needed to fill for the Boston to Big Sur challenge next weekend. Yes, that would mean running another marathon 8 days from now. Since I can finally sit down and get up without crying out in pain, I thought I should send them an email and tell them I am in if they still have a space.

Last time I did something crazy like this, I landed myself in Boston. Is this crazy? Kinda. Stupid? Most likely. A once and a life time opportunity? OH BABY! I don't count on getting an email back confirming they will take me (said the same thing about Boston), but I am still waiting anxiously. I mean, seriously, how cool would this be? (I know what you are thinking... I have a mental illness... you are probably right).

Big Sur or not, I really want to start training for a my next marathon and half marathon. I don't think I am going to do Nike Women's Marathon after all, I am a little bothered by their lack of organization. I would much rather spend my entry fees on a race I haven't done that is better organized. The search for the next challenge is officially on!

UPDATE: THEY DID NOT HAVE SPACE. Too bad, but probably for the better :) I would have probably just injured myself anyways


  1. YAY! I'm glad the elliptical worked for you. I can totally walk (and sit down) almost pain free now. 3 days out from a marathon and I can't believe I feel this good.. the quads are still sore though.

    I really think you should do Big Sur- take it easy and have fun! Do you get anything special for doing the challenge?

  2. Like how they say the best cure for a hangover is more beer, the best cure for soreness is a recovery run. :)

  3. Hair of the dog for running. I love it!