Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Boston in Pictures

Oh Boston. I am still in immense amounts of pain. Looking back through the pictures, I realized my Garmin was a little off (maybe it paused when I was running slower? IDK) so I only PR'd by about 20 minutes, not 30. NBD. That is still a huge PR.

I realized that I have a lot of potential (look at my early splits here bib #26525) and with some convincing have accepted the fact that if I had proper training (ie a trainer) I could BQ if I put in the time and effort. I just need someone to help me develop discipline. I am going to toot my own horn here: 2 marathons in 6 months. Not too shabby for a chick who couldn't run a mile 3 years ago.

Boston was short notice: 8 weeks to train, in a time where training was not ideal (finish MA, pink slips at work, blah blah blah). I didn't get the training miles in I wanted, I lost track of my fuel intake during the race and under-fueled, SUNBURNED (I did have sunscreen on fyi), and was not disciplined enough to take it slower (although I did slow myself down).  Despite all this, I still got a PR. Did I mention I got a PR? Still pretty stoked on my PR (ok, I am done).

Now, as promised by the title of this post, the best of Boston, in pictures:
Waiting in line for the bus with Charlyn, who also won an entry
I have always wanted to meet up with another blogger/runner. So happy I was able to meet Charlyn, who is just plain amazing, as is her dad. Talk about good people :)
Like a kid in field trip mode, super excited to be on the bus
So many people waiting to start.
Waiting for our turn to start
Fast food. Well, faster than me. Not Charlyn.
Boston is all about the fans. Everyone is so supportive.

If I would line my classroom with people like this, all my kids would feel like winners.

Not sure who these ladies were, but they were awesome.

Haven't tried the number yet. Wonder if she has changed it by now.

...before the hill kills you.

I loved these guys. They gave me extra push when I needed it.
Drinking on the roof. Good thing there were tons of medics everywhere. Boston Marathon=just another reason to tailgate. But on your roof.
If my legs and back weren't busy breaking, I am sure heart would have been too
Don't tease me.
yeah right girlfriend.
Wellesley was overwhelming, but in a good way. So much love.
if you like making love at midnight....
Smiling, because I had no idea how miserable I would be the next time I stood in that place.

Me at the finish the day before. I was a hot mess at the finish, so I am glad I took these shots before the race.

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  1. Awesome pics!! and even better effort in the race! a 20 min PR is AMAZING!!!(especially considering the short training we had) You definitely have the potential to get quick fast with consistent running- something I need to do too. :)

    I hope to do a race with you again in the future. You were a blast to hang with- made the time fly by in the village.

    and the burger passed me later on in the race ;) gives a whole new meaning to "fast food" lol