Friday, April 16, 2010


So, It has come to my attention that many people I know, both near to me and acquaintance, will soon be without job and victim of this crummy economy. SO, I want to throw this commune idea out there.

We can all rent out some "rustic" farm house in the country where rent will be cheap, and live off the land. Are you a teacher who can't find a job? Victim of private industry? This is the place for you!

Maybe we can grow beets and sell them at farmer's market. Or raise fire goats. I am going to learn to milk a goat tomorrow, maybe I can be a cheese artisan?

I am totally out of ideas here folks. But it kinda sounds like it might be fun. My lease is up in June, so how about joining in on this whole commune idea?


  1. IDEA!!: We can use beau and huck as our make-shift mules to pull our plows and carts?? BEST IDEA EVER!

  2. LOVE IT!!!! Bobby and Mike are so handy, I think we are going to have ourselves a productive little farm!