Sunday, April 18, 2010

10 Miles, brought to you be chaffed thighs and farmer's tan

Week two of training ended with a bang, reaching my 10 mile run milestone. This is the first time I have run this far without being in a half marathon race. My knee didn't act up nearly as bad as expected, but the blisters are back in full force.

Oh, how I am proud of myself!

It feel like I need to hover at 10 miles before I start pushing the long runs any farther. Maybe in 2 weeks I can increase to 11 miles on Sundays. I ran a total of 25 miles this week, reaching a training total of 46.5 miles over the last two weeks. I feel like a rock star! And aside from the blisters and the inner thigh chaffing, marathon training has been just peachy!

On the gel front, I have discovered that clif shots are far superior than powerbar gel. The vanilla probably won't be my favorite flavor, but it was palatable, although it was messy sticky like honey. I am really digging the honey stingers chews to mix it up. I had half a pack at mile 8 and it was nice to give something a chew. I am not sure I fueled enough, but I made it home. We'll have to see how crummy recovery is!

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