Sunday, March 6, 2011

6 Weeks until Boston (Holy Crap!)

21.75 mi of training this week
14 mi long run @ 11:16/mi, with HILLS and NO MUSIC!

I seriously got lost today when I was running. Who does that!?!?!?! Took a wrong turn on some country back road and went a mile out of my way. I didn't mind because this was the most beautiful run I have ever been on. I saw goats, sheep, pigs, cows, roosters, chickens and horses. All the daffodils are in bloom and there was a light rain, which to my surprise was very refreshing. The birds were super chirpy and the creeks were high and bubbly. I felt really good on this run, no numb feet or pain in the knees or calves. I spent 2 hours and 37 minutes on the go, not including the mile cool down because I got lost. I have to say, this run was a 10!

The best part of this run was how little traffic there was on the roads (I practically ran in the center of the road most of the time) and all the unexpected hills. This was the PERFECT training run. Logging more than a half marathon, having plenty of hills, and having it be a great run is exactly what I need 6 weeks out from Boston. This week I feel really really good.

This week's training (Easy Recover Week):
 Tuesday: 6 miles Easy
Thursday: 6 miles Easy
Sunday: 7 miles Easy

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