Monday, March 28, 2011

3 weeks until Boston!

32 miles of training this week (wow)
17.5 mi long run @ 11:05/mi, lotsa hills, no music

2 of the last 4 runs were in the rain. Today was the first sunny day. Forgot to wear sunscreen, which is going to make recovery even more pleasurable. With Boston only 21 days away, there is no time for nonsense. Only one more long run between now and the race, and I feel really good about it. No pain or numbness, no chafffing or blisters, no urge to barf. However, this run might take a day or two to bounce back from. Planning a good run Wednesday morning before the long drive to Southern California for Me and the Mags Disney Adventure.

Today I practiced running with the camera to get used to holding it in Boston, where I am going to want to take TONS of pics. I thought I would share how AMAZING the scenery is on my runs. I love Northern California:
OKD, home of world class Chardonnay, Cabernet, and Merlot.
Luna, one of the wineries I run by in the OKD
Why they call it Oak Knoll District
Silverado Country Club, one of the golf courses I loop around
Where the wine comes from
Mustard in the spring makes the vineyards breathtaking
My future residence
Rain + Sun means vines will bud soon
Pretty much what we are all about up here: Wine, Cheese, Art
A friend I made along the way
I didn't run down the street with all the pigs and goats and sheep because I had to widen my loop to add miles. I was kinda sad not to see as many different animals. I also saw deer and a cow, and heard a couple roosters. Best part of the run? When a guy who I passed by an hour earlier passed by me on his bike again and told me I was doing a good job. The kindness of strangers is the best fuel on a run. When I got home, had a huge glass of chocolate milk and a ham and egg sandwich. Oh, and a little treat to reward myself for not giving up: Godiva Milk Chocolate and Salted Caramel. I didn't even have a full serving; 2 squares was satisfying enough this stuff is so rich. 

Training this week:

Tuesday: MAYBE an easy 2.5 miles, if my hips feel up to it
Wednesday: 4 miles, easy
Thursday: lots of walking (DISNEYLAND!)
Friday: MAYBE an easy 5 miles, if I don't have shin splints from Disneyland
Saturday: REST, travel day
Sunday: 20 miles

After this week, it's taper time!


  1. You took all those photos??? They are amazing!!! I miss California! Glad to hear the training is coming along.. 20 DTG!!!

  2. I did take them! I got a compact, cheap camera for Boston and wanted to practice shooting on the go. All the good ones were stationary shots. the weather has been miserable in the Bay area for the past 2 weeks, but today is the type of weather that brought me back to California.