Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pain Free is the Way to Be!

2 miles this morning, no pain. First run since the doctor's visit 2 weeks ago. I will say, I am very pleased. Now to get some cushy inserts for my new shoes. I am so relieved that the stress of injury is gone. Now I just have to find the patience to build mileage gradually and not mess up the ol' hoof again.

Today I went to register for the Napa-to-Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon... and at the check out, it ended up costing over $130. For a half marathon. Thats more than it cost to run the Nike Women's Marathon in SF, and that included a Tiffany's necklace, tech shirt, backpack, and reusable bag. Needless to say, we are scratching that overpriced half marathon off the list. I am thinking about replacing it with the Moonlight half Marathon in Davis...It might be run to run at night with a bunch of other glowstick-clad runners.

Running is supposed to be a cheap sport. But racing is a whole other beast. Between the money I spend on shoes so I don't have foot problems, gels and chews to fuel myself on long runs, and registration fees, This is turning out to be just as expensive as any other sport. I say cut the frills and make races cheaper.... and start by cutting the shirts to cut costs. I have never gotten a race shirt that I actually liked. Even a tech one.

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  1. $130 for a half-marathon is ridiculous. Unless there is Tiffany's involved. Good call on scratching that one off the list!