Saturday, December 25, 2010

I was on the good list

Guess who is officially part of the Garmin cult!!!!!!!! Training just got a little more intense. I'll need that to balance all the baked goodies I am going to be making with my new kitchen gadgets (omg, they are so amazing....I can't believe what my mother bought me!). Looks like last summer cooking for the family is going is getting me a fully stocked gourmet chef's kitchen in no time. Summer is going to be dangerous folks!

I can't wait to post my first run with the Garmin (pet name for this little sucker coming soon) and inundate you with over-analysis of every step I take outside the house. You know you are excited (or about to stop following me, it can go either way).

Here's hoping that santa brought you lovely goodies and that your day with blessed with the love of family and friends. Merry Christmas!


  1. Congrats! When I got mine (Christmas 2007), I was so excited that I measured the distance from my car in the parking lot to various stores. LOL

  2. it took incredible will power not to wear it to the mall today for returns. I don't want my family to hate me, lol. They still think the marathon thing is just crazy!