Monday, October 25, 2010

Dying to Run

So, I have been reading that post marathon, you need to take 4 weeks to get back into training shape, the first week being little to no running at all, and then gradually building up to long runs on the fourth week. Last week was supposed to be lots of rest and some very light weight/cross training. This week I can start with some very short jogs... like 10 minutes on the treadmill.

After the marathon, when I could barely use the toilet my legs were so far from proper function, I didn't think I would want to be back hitting the pavement. But boy how I want to get out there an log some miles. It is going to take EVERYTHING to keep myself from taking a nice 7 mile run tomorrow. And unless I have unforeseen long term damage to my knee as a result of the marathon, I think I am really going to set some new personal bests in the future. I can't wait to run my next race!

So fellow marathoners... how do you recover after a marathon?

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  1. Some people do run again during the week after a marathon. I take the week off, then get back to a 15-20 mile week after that. If you want to go run, go run girl!