Friday, February 11, 2011

Running Blues

Today is a school holiday, so thankfully I have time to get caught up with grad school stuff and put in a run. A terrible, slow, sad run, but 5 miles is 5 miles, so I'll take it. My goal is to get in one more short run tomorrow (3 miles) so I can make this the highest mileage week for 2011. I also hope to log a nice long run of 10 miles on Sunday, which will help keep me on pace to get to Mexico before the end of the year. Maybe I should showcase the towns I could have run to with my miles each month. That might be humorous. I need humor right now.

Today was the first time I was actually sad during my run. After 2.5 miles I just wasn't getting the exhilaration that pounding pavement gives me. There is just so much going on with work, home, and school, I feel like I am going to shut down at any moment. Being sad when running is scary. Running is supposed to beat the blues. I am hoping that a longer run will produce different results. The first few miles are always a struggle for me. Today it was a little better for mile 5, but nothing like the thrills I have gotten before. I think that is why my pace was so slow and I just couldn't kick it into high gear. I am in a rut and I have to figure out how to get out of it. Maybe winning an entry to the Boston Marathon this year would help perk me up? I put in an entry on a whim, we'll see what happens :)


  1. HI Stephanie, I found you through your comment on Beth's Boston giveaway. ;) Hope you have a good week of running! I loved your comment.

  2. Thanks Amanda! This has definitively been an amazing week and it is only Tuesday. My runs are so much better with my eyes on the prize!