Thursday, February 3, 2011

Good Things on a Thursday

I think getting my hair done make me more appreciative of the good things. Or the bleach on my scalp makes me dumber and think everything is good. Either way, my hair looks good, I am happy, the world keeps turning.

January brought a double digit weight loss! Hooray! I am sure it is all water weight, but it make the runs even more sweet. This week has been terrible as far as running/cross-training (February is Hell Month for the MA) but seeing the results read-out on he scale is helping to motivate me to get out on the treadmill at least once before saturday and try to get an outside done on saturday morning, even though I have grad school. The most amazing part is that this happened with 3 tons of Godiva in the house (I hid it from myself, btw). All this running might look like dedication, but really, it is just a form of self hatred ;) I am a glutton for punishment.

Also a good thing: I get to see the bestie tonight. Even though we only live 30 minutes apart, schedules just don't allow us to be up in each other's business as much as we would like (not that my business is worth being all up in). I think I am going to bring her a treat. Who doesn't love treats, right?

I am almost caught up with lesson planning, getting good reviews from administrators and my department chair, and life hasn't been so hectic I've had to miss the Bachelor. And, tomorrow is treat day at work, and Ron is in charge. I bet he brings homemade cookies! Since today is going to be a good day, I think I'll tell JF to just book the Havasu trip. I mean, why not? (btw, I won't be wearing pasties....more on that at a later time!)

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