Sunday, October 27, 2013

It's Taper Time!

you know your run is awesome when to capture it, you have to zoom out, and the screen contains multiple cities!
Today was the final long run of my sub-5 marathon plan. It looks like I am going to crush my goal, if all goes according to plan.

20 miles with a few little hills. This time around I have been coached by a member of the local running club I am apart of, the Vinerunners, and it has made a HUGE difference in my running. I am WAY faster and WAY more consistent. Today we had negative splits and jammed the last 2 miles in. It was a PERFECT run. It was the best run I have ever run.

(You can tell I still have runners high by my excessive use of caps!)

I can't quite express how stoked I am. I have to potential to finish under 4:30. I could cut up to an HOUR off my marathon PR. I am tickled by the possibilities.

The goal now is to not get sick in the next 12 days, stretch a ton, and let the good times roll. I wish it was next weekend, I am SO ready for this race!

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