Monday, September 5, 2011

Las Vegas!

One of the top 10 best weekends of my life, and it happened at exactly the right time. Comparable to the "We Still Got It" weekend with the bestie in NYC 2008. Although it is going to take several days to recover from Amanda's Ultimate Bachelorette Party, it was worth loosing my voice, unexplained bruises, and the cute little dent it put in my wallet. 

Just to recap, the past months have consisted of getting myself rehired, moving multiple times, teaching new classes, and how to get comfortable with myself in my new social situation. Vegas made me feel like a million bucks again, reminded me how much I have to offer, showed me that there is a "wonderful, wonderful" waiting for me somewhere out there, and empowered me to just love life and let the details work themselves out.

The girls were amazing. Amazing does not give them credit for how fantastic they really are. We had so much fun, no drama, just lots of screaming good times. I wish they didn't live on the other side of the continent. Even though we met a few unsavory individuals (ND fan in the casino, boundary crosser in Toby Keith's), we met so many super fun, super enjoyable people. Doctors, Engineers, Marines, Sailors, Surfers. We got VIP treatments and were constantly reminded of how truly awesome we are. Everyone needs a shot of self-esteem boost every once and a while!

How did I loose sight of the awesomeness? Not sure, but I have had a bad case of life burnout. Too much focus on everything that didn't go my way, and not enough focus on all the great things that are waiting to be seized. We start a new year this week, and 27 is going to be FANTASTIC. A year to bounce back and return to becoming the better version of myself. I am so excited for what this next year will have in store!


  1. Sounds like you are in a really good spot right now :) your post makes me want to go to Vegas now. Thanks! Lol

    Cheers to being happy!

  2. Glad the velvet rope was your friend. I was sure that the Vegas gods would show you a good time.