Thursday, May 19, 2011

Really Big Free Marathon

Part of the bummer I will face being unemployed is not being able to pay entry fees for races. Super big boo! Marathons are typically super expensive and it seems hard to find a cheap one. Well, here is the cheapest marathon you will find!
It's the Really Big Free Marathon. For people not from the Southwest, it isn't actually in Vegas, but in a suburb outside of the city called Henderson. If you want to run down the strip, you probably need to run the Rock n' Roll marathon for that. I'm not sure if you can pick up a hooker in Henderson, but I imagine this more where they live and not where they work. I don't know if you noticed from the name, but it is free. It costs nothing except a $50 deposit that is funded when you toe the line. And you get the usual stuff: tech shirt, goodies, medal, aid stations, etc.

Best part: you have 18 months to start training for the race, so no excuses not to PR. Too long for you to run? Don't worry, there is a half and I have a non-runners guide to running marathons that I will give you to jump start your training. Have plans November 3, 2012? It's a Saturday, and the race is in the morning, so you can go down to the strip to celebrate. I plan of eating twice my weight at a buffet, drinking anything and everything with a lime in it, and falling asleep in a party dress and a pair of Brooks at a slot machine. (If that doesn't convince you, I am not sure what will). These people figured out how to get the sponsors to foot the entire cost of the race as long as you show up to run. Thanks to Adam at The Boring Runner for posting this!

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